A brief pause for research

There are all kinds of things I still want to blog about. A long list. I’m coming to the end of what I know just from being a patient, though. I thought I was going to keep blogging Monday through Friday, but now anytime I start a new post (I have a dozen drafts started!) I realize I want to do more serious research: read medical journal articles online, interview people, learn more than I can know from my experience alone.

If you have questions about my experience as a lung cancer patient, let me know in the comments. Perhaps there is more that I can share “off the top of my head” that is genuinely helpful! In the meantime, though, look for less frequent but (I hope) more informative posts.

About Irene Elizabeth (Beth!) Stroud

Queer suburban mom, graduate student, lung cancer survivor, card-carrying United Methodist.
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5 Responses to A brief pause for research

  1. Joan Hills says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I was diagnosed with fourth stage lung cancer two days after Christmas. Your blog has offered me hope.
    Joan H

    • Joan, I also have Stage 4 lung cancer and was diagnosed in October. Stay positive, and find a support group locally or online. It’s a tough journey, but the rewards are immeasurable!

  2. Irene, thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to reading more from you!

  3. Katherine De Martelaer says:

    Irene, I followed your blog for the past months with great attention. My mother has lungcancer and I would like to share my questions with you . But I feel worried because I don’t hear from you anymore. Are you all right ? ! Let us know , please . You are an inspiring woman ! Greatings, Katherine from Belgium

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