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Breast cancer, lung cancer, AIDS: unorthodox thoughts about stigma

Lung cancer research gets far less public attention and research funding than other, less deadly cancers. It’s often perceived as a disease people bring on themselves by smoking, or a disease that could have been prevented by not smoking. Until … Continue reading

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A brief pause for research

There are all kinds of things I still want to blog about. A long list. I’m coming to the end of what I know just from being a patient, though. I thought I was going to keep blogging Monday through … Continue reading

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Living with lung cancer: Respect the fatigue

A friend who’d been through cancer and chemotherapy brought us gifts: a soft, fleecy blanket and a pillow for each of us. “Whenever you need a nap, take one,” she said. “These are to remind you.” Ironically, we’d visited this … Continue reading

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